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Wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball to see into the minds of your customers, prospects, and buyers at each stage of their journey with your organization?


While those powers don't exist, you'll be amazed at the degree of "mind reading" we can pull from your research subjects. Through the use of quantitative and qualitative data, and with our vast experience interpreting the nuances of what customers are saying, we'll deliver the Voice of the Customer directly to you and give you a plan for using. these findings to your advantage.

We focus on finding the Voice of the Customer at each touchpoint of their journey and lifecycle. 

Market Needs Assessment

Is there a need for the product or service you're considering developing or investing in? Who needs it? How much would they pay?

Win / Loss Analysis

Understanding why you won is just as important as knowing why you didn't. After closing, or losing, a deal we speak with your buyers to gain a deep understanding of why they made the choice they did.

Voice of the Customer

Your customers will tell you what they think. Are you asking them? If you're not tapping into the Voice of the Customer, you're missing out on enormous opportunities to succeed and grow your business. Whether they are potential customers, prospects, current customers, buyers, or internal customers, we listen and absorb their thoughts and bring the insights back to you. 

Our Services Include

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Fueled by Customer Insights, we can design

Implementation/ On-boarding Success

The last thing you want to do is sour your relationship after making a sale. Successful and consistently positive new customer on-boarding is vital to customer success and retention.

Customer Satisfaction

(Net Promoter Score)

Asking if a customer would recommend your company to a peer is just the start of learning about their true level of satisfaction. We make NPS an ongoing conversation to predict customer churn and address at-risk accounts before you lose them. 

User Experience/ Interface Design

Real-time feedback on the product or service you're developing.


Conducting user testing and taking input from early adopters to influence your final out

Customer Experience Drivers

Going beyond simply "satisfaction," uncover which of your products and services your customers find truly valuable - and why. Come out with quantifiable takeaways to improve your overall customer experience. 

Preventing the next lost customer begins with understanding the last one. Using an objective third-party to conduct interviews allows former customers to be candid about their reasons for leaving.   

Customer Attrition Diagnostic

Product Business Case Validation 

Build the business case:

  • Why is it important? 

  • How much will it cost to complete?

  • What's the competitive advantage? 

Competitive Intelligence and Battle Cards

Gain a deeper understanding of your competitors and why prospects might choose them over you. Arm your sales team with the knowledge they need to explain why you're different. 

Go to Market Planning

Buyer Personas

Not all buyers are the same. Using quantitative and qualitative date, we build a variety of personas and design the sales paths that appeal most to each one.

Find the right message that speaks to each segment of your audience and gets them excited and engaged.  

Internal Optimization

What happens inside your organization has a huge impact on what happens outside of it. We help optimize internal processes that affect your customers and give you the same people-focused insights that help you engage, satisfy, and retain employees. 

Opportunity Management & Enablement

Learn to move your prospects through their journey with a positive and consistent experience at each stage of the sales cycle. 


Identify pain points and best practices to address issues and teach staff how they can create a positive customer journey.

Sales Aptitude Screening

Measure your sales team's skills and confidence in the products they're selling.


Identify internal leaders in your sales organization.

Uncover hidden biases that may be stopping your sales team from being their most effective.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and satisfaction ties directly to customer engagement and satisfaction. Discover what your employees are thinking, feeling, and saying about your organization so you can work to improve their experience through new insights. 

Exit Interviews

Like customer attrition, employee attrition is not something you look forward to, but it happens. Each departing employee can be the key to learning how to improve the employee experience to attract and retain the best talent. 

No matter where you're at or what your pain points are, we have the experience to understand your needs and conduct the research needed to bring you insights powered by people. 



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