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Services designed around your goals and needs. 

After hundreds and hundreds of conversations with customers and over 20 years of experience, we developed the Customer Connections Framework™ to help B2B organizations make human connections at every stage of the sales or service experience. 

We use a framework because your customer's experience isn't linear, and you need to approach your VOC strategy in the same way.  At each stage of the buying journey, you can have high-value conversations with customers & staff and use those insights to drive a customer-centric culture within your organization. 


Let's connect and see how we can help you with: 



Market Research & Planning

Understand where to invest or if there is a market before you build. We create custom surveys that deliver more in depth insights without the need for an incentive. Includes all survey data, full transcripts, and insights with actionable recommendations.   


Voice of Customer

Learn your customer's preferences, what they expect, and how they feel when they use your product so you can improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.  High touch, highly personal approach delivers an 85% conversion rate with unlimited surveys at no additional cost. 

CULTURE: Change Management

Ongoing support and accountability to ensure customers needs are being met. Virtual team training & coaching. Onsite service for quarterly reviews, executive leadership, and board meetings. 


Win/Loss Analysis

Know why customers buy from you, but most importantly, why they don't. Our high touch, highly personalized approach gives us a 60% conversion rate & deeper insights. Custom interview guides for churn and no decision with unlimited surveys for qualitative data at no additional cost.


Internal Optimization 

Custom surveys get to the root of employee engagement issues to reduce burn out and stress. Internal studies and exit interviews give insights on where you can improve your employee's experience so everyone can feel seen and heard. 

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Director of Global Sales, Tax Software

Working with Spailey Solutions is always a pleasure because of the high dedication, customer focus, and drive in finding a great solution for everyone." 

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