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"We worked with a couple other consultants previously, and Spailey Solutions is by far over and above the most amazing we have had. They really add a lot of value to the conversations. Inst­ead of having it be about the key takeaways — which are great and it is nice to see exactly what the customer is saying."

 “I found that in the conversations with our buyers and customers; there is a much more value in that you get the context and the color around the quantitative numbers in our data. Sometimes the buyer would rate a low score on something. Then they say, ‘Oh that was actually for the partner, not for us.' So, it is tough to be able to actually use those numbers, because it takes away from the context of why they rated it in a certain way. It makes a big difference because she doesn't just go by the script. She does dig deeper into certain points that are made by the buyers, which is helpful for us. Sometimes we would also see that in our customers in the NPS survey – but Mackenzie would do the qualitative analysis as well to the highest level."

“Mackenzie is really fabulous, and awesome consultant. She is on top of it. She answers emails incredibly quickly and is always available. I feel like, 'I know you have other customers.' I accidentally scheduled a call on a holiday, a Monday holiday, and she was like, 'No, that is fine. I'll be there.' It is amazing how dedicated she is.”

“Above all, the biggest value in our relationship is bringing everything together in our quarterly debrief conversations; they add the most. The fact that she puts so much effort into the debriefs to give us more than just the key takeaways, which we can read or listen to from the interview, that is really helpful. It has been very positive on our end. I wish she could spend more time with my sales, marketing, and products teams grooming them up – that training and change management is unparalleled."

 - VP Sales, Telecommunications Software

Our Clients

Our clients come in every size, from nearly every industry. We've spent the last 10 years focusing on uncovering the voices of our clients' customers and turning our findings into action. 


Most of our work requires strict confidentiality so we can't name names, but we've served organizations in these industries and beyond and can provide specific references upon request - and with permission.

  • Telecommunication

  • Healthcare Services and Software

  • Outsourcing & Outplacement Management

  • Prescription Drug Distribution

  • Wealth & Financial

  • Tax & Accounting

  • IT & Computer Software

  • Government & State Organizations 

  • Digital Marketing

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